A Tidy Way to Help Sell Your Home

Marie Kondo

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet? I’ve just seen one episode and I’m so inspired!

She has developed a philosophy and method to help us to tidy our homes and make them happier places to live in.

This is a great benefit to us all, but is even more positive when we are thinking of selling our home.

Clutter is a huge barrier to potential buyers viewing homes – it’s just so much more difficult to imagine our lives in a new home when it is full to the brim with the evidence of someone else’s life.

Three of Marie Kondo’s tips are :

1. Only keep things that make you feel happy – get rid of the rest (through charity shops, recycling etc)
2. Store everything so that you can see what you have and how many of each item
3. Create a culture in your home where everyone contributes to keeping the house tidy, including children – include them in doing housework, give them their own jobs

You can catch Marie Kondo on Netflix – happy tidying!