Renting – what you need to know

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How do I arrange a viewing?

Please submit your rental requirements on our enquiry section. One of our helpful team will contact you if we have a suitable property to show you. Due to a high volume of enquiries, we cannot find every tenant the right home, but please be assured we will do our best.

What happens next?

When you view a property you would like to rent we will issue you with an online invoice for the deposit. We will send you an invite online via Planet Verify to securely submit required documentation and details.

We will check all your documents and your application. Once the landlord agrees to proceed with the letting we will invoice you for the first months’ rent and agree on the lease start date. The lease agreement will be issued to you by email and you will need to return it prior to the date of key collection.

What information will I need to prepare?

  • Passport or Drivers Licence per adult
  • Two written character references are generally required per person. These can be from a range of sources such as an employer, landlord, accountant or solicitor etc. If you are self-employed a tax clearance cert or letter from your accountant is required.
  • Bank details will be required in order to arrange rent by standing order for the duration of the lease.

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What is a Security Deposit for?

A security deposit is required prior to occupation of the rented property and is usually equivalent to one month’s rent. The deposit is held to cover any breakages, damages, or other tenant liabilities. At the end of the tenancy the agent or in some cases the landlord will inspect the property. The deposit cannot be used to cover rent at any stage.

When leaving the property tenants must ensure:

  • The property is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Any breakages and damage to the property during the tenancy must be rectified.
  • All bins emptied. Rubbish and personal items must be removed.
  • Grass cutting – this is the tenants’ responsibility if there is a lawnmower on the property.
  • You cancel your standing order.
  • Pre-paid metres cannot be installed without written permission from the agent. Fines of up to €250 will be deductible in this instance.

Do I need to insure my personal belongings?

Tenants are responsible for their own contents insurance. It is the landlord’s responsibility to insure the building. We recommend all tenants to insure their personal items in the event of fire, water damage, or theft. Insuring your own personal belongings usually only costs around €100, depending on the value of your contents.

Who looks after the TV Licence?

The television licence applies to the occupier, not the property, so a licence should be purchased from your local post office.

Are pets allowed in a property?

Usually no, however, this really depends on the property you are renting and the landlord’s preference. Sometimes an extra security deposit can assist in making the arrangement possible.

Do I have to pay refuse (waste) charges?

Refuse charges are the responsibility of the tenant. Except in the case of most apartment complexes.

What happens if I break my lease?

The lease that you signed is for a fixed period. If you decide to break your lease you will forfeit your deposit as the landlord uses this to mitigate loss of rent.

Can I claim rent relief?

Irish citizens and foreign workers can claim tax refunds such as medical expenses, rent relief, medical insurance etc. Check out for more information.


Are you interested in renting a property? Complete our Prospective Tenant Application Form and we’ll be able to see if we have the right property for you!