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Conveyancing Tips to Speed Up Your Property Sale

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision that comes with a long list of jobs and responsibilities.

Along with decluttering and last-minute DIY, you need to find a good estate agent (we can help you with that). You may also need to speak to a broker if you require a mortgage to fund your next move.

But there’s another critical aspect of the process that often gets overlooked: the conveyancing (the “legal” transfer of a property from one owner to another).

So, to avoid unnecessary hold-ups that could make your buyer lose patience, it’s worth getting ahead of the curve and following these five conveyancing tips.

Conveyancing Tips to Speed Up Your Property Sale

Find a good solicitor

Do this at the start of the process; don’t wait. Ask friends and family for recommendations and get a few quotes before you decide. Always check fee proposals thoroughly and remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best. Those you speak to who respond promptly and efficiently will give you an indication on the service you can expect. 

Get essential documents ready

You’ll need personal identification, such as a passport or driving licence, along with proof of address, such as bills or bank statements.

Organise your paperwork

Along with locating the title deeds, you’ll need all documentation relating to changes you’ve made to the property under your ownership. ( If your property is mortgaged your bank will hold the title deeds and can arrange to transfer them to your solicitor on request)

  • Planning permissions
  • Proof of payment of LPT – Local Property Tax
  • Details and receipts for works completed on the property
  • A BER certificate (your home’s energy rating)

You never quite know what information your buyer will ask for, so do the legwork early on to prevent a last-minute panicked search.

Respond promptly 

Your buyer’s solicitor may have some queries about the property; respond to them quickly. When one party goes quiet during the process, it can breed mistrust and ramp up everyone’s stress levels.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, contact us here at Liberty Blue for a free valuation.

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