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Dare to Stand Out – Apprentice Auctioneer Talk, Cork

Regina recently visited the Cork College of Further Education and talked to a large group of aspiring auctioneers, armed with a simple yet powerful message: Dare to Stand Out. Her talk was not just about delivering a speech; it was about igniting a spark, fostering a sense of possibility, and helping others realise their full potential.

She shared tales from the trenches of the property market, recounting her own journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons learned along the way. Her story resonated with the group, many of whom were navigating the early stages of their own careers in the competitive world of real estate.

She urged the apprentices to embrace their uniqueness, to leverage their individual strengths, and to boldly carve out their own paths to success. It wasn’t just a local affair, thanks to modern technology her words of wisdom were streamed to auctioneering apprentices in colleges all across Ireland.

“Done is better than waiting for perfection!”, she said, advising the students to bite the bullet and embrace video and putting themselves out there.

Thank you to Cork College of Further Education for the opportunity to connect with and empower the next generation of property professionals.

For more of Regina’s insights into business and lessons learned during her journey as an estate agent her book, How to Build a Smarter, Faster, Better Estate Agency Business is available here.

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