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Don’t Delay if You Want to Wrap Up Your Waterford Property Sale by Christmas

Unless you’re one of those super-organised types who spend the year secretly buying stocking fillers and stashing them under your bed, Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind right now.

And why should it be? It’s summer, the schools are shut (for a few more days at least), and you still have months to dust off your reindeer antlers and festive jumper.

But there is one reason why it may be worth thinking ahead to Christmas.

If you have plans to sell your home and hope to be in a new place by the end of the year, then act now. It can take time to get all the elements in place to finalise a property sale, but if you put your foot to the floor, you can still do it.

Here are four reasons to market your property now:

Active buyers

With the summer holiday season coming to an end, you can expect buyers to be out in force in September (traditionally one of the busiest months in the property calendar). They’ll most likely be hoping to complete a deal by 2023 as well, so they will be proactive and committed.

Conveyancing delays

After you’ve agreed a deal with a buyer, your solicitor will kickstart the conveyancing process. Many people underestimate how long it takes to complete the necessary searches and paperwork. The sooner you get the ball rolling on your sale, the better. Don’t delay, contact your solicitor straight away!


As with many things in life, it’s helpful to work to a deadline – otherwise, timeframes can keep drifting further away from you. Having a specific goal will help focus your efforts and give you a sense of momentum.

Puts you in a good negotiating position

If your moving plans also involve purchasing a property, consider how other sellers will view you. If you find your dream home and put an offer in, the seller will take you far more seriously if your current home is on the market and your estate agent advises of your urgency. It shows you mean business and you’re not a time waster.

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