Good News for Waterford with NTA Sustainable Transport Funding


Waterford City and County Council is delighted to announce that funding of €15,175,000 has been awarded to Waterford City to fund expenditure in 2020 under the National Transport Authority’s (NTA’s) Sustainable Transport Measures Grant (STMG).


This includes €12,600,000 funding for the Waterford North Quays project including the Dock Road and Abbey Road Access works and the Sustainable Transport Bridge.


An additional €1,550,000 funding has been made available for the Bilberry to City Centre Greenway extension and a further €1,025,000 towards City Centre Sustainable Transport initiatives.


NTA funding for the North Quays will focus on the Sustainable Transport Bridge and the proposed Access Infrastructure. The project will see the construction of a Sustainable Transport Bridge, linking the Clock Tower to the North Quays Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) site for pedestrians and cyclist, and linked to the existing Greenway via the proposed Bilberry extension. The bridge will also accommodate a shuttle bus.

The tender process has already commenced for the Sustainable Transport Bridge and Access Infrastructure works. The funding provided for 2020 will enable the project to progress to the construction stage and it is envisaged that a contractor will be on-site before the end of the year.

The 2020 funding complements previously STMG funded transportation projects in Waterford, this includes works at Hennessey’s Road and Browns Lane which is due to reopen shortly, the WIT to City Centre route, Bilberry to City Centre improvement works as well as planning and design works for transportation proposals at the North Quays. The funding of these critical infrastructural developments will support a modal shift towards walking, cycling and public transport and will act as a catalyst for the sustainable development of the City, promoting further connectivity both north and south of the River.

Waterford Train Station


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