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How to speed up selling your home – Expert Estate Agent Advice

While we all have personal tastes these tastes may not appeal to everyone. To sell your home you should neutralise the decor, flowery or pink feature walls may look great to you but they may be an issue to potential buyers. Those out viewing properties may not be able to visualise the house the way they would like it. Play the percentages when staging your home for sale and present it well. Use neutral colours like creames and browns so as not to alienate potential purchasers.

Price it right; in the current market houses that don’t sell are either overpriced or poorly presented for sale. Checking the property price register for recent sales prices and the current advertised prices of similar properties on should give you an idea of what your home is worth but it’s advisable to discuss the market price of your property with you local property professional and come up with a plan to attain the best possible price.

Know your target market; if your property is a modern three bed semi detached home then you should pitch it at small families and first time buyers. It should be staged in such a way to appeal to them. The family market need to fall in love with your property, make sure it’s presented in a way that it appeals to them. Make it child friendly and declutter so it doesn’t feel small and cramped. If you are trying to sell a two bedroom apartment then your target market is likely to be property investors. You should make the property as ‘ready to rent’ as possible. Most investors would love a ‘turn key’ solution. Investors generally don’t need to fall in love with a property in the same way as the family market do, they just need the figures to stack up. ‘What will the return be?’ is the most important factor for them. However the amount of additional work required to achieve a good rent is also important so a turn key solution at a similar price to a poorly presented property will always stand out.

Take good photos; the phrases ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ has never rang truer than in a sales advert. It’s the first thing your attention is drawn to when scouring through hundreds of potential properties for sale. Professional standard photos attract more views of your advert and in turn attract a higher number of actual viewings and bids for the property. Spending additional money on good photos will be represented in the final sales price, at Liberty Blue Estate Agents we use professional photos on all properties for sale.

Have your documents and solicitor in place; make sure you have all your legal paperwork in place. Do everything you can to ensure there are no hold ups on your side.

By following the above tips you should be able to sell your property quickly and at the highest achievable price.

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