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Landlord and Tenant – working together

The Landlord and Tenant Relationship – Communication is key

There is so much in the media that pitches landlords and tenants into battle with each other.  Our experience teaches us that actually, the landlord and tenant have a lot more in common than is portrayed and that working together really benefits both parties.

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Tenants need security in terms of knowing that they will be safe in their home for the medium / long term future.

Landlords want to know that their tenants will be staying in the property for the medium / long term. They much prefer to have the same, good tenant rather than chopping and changing often.

Meeting both parties needs for this means that rents and bills need to be paid on time by the tenant and the property needs to be maintained in good order by the landlord or their agent.

Our experience, technology and processes help to make both sides of this equation add up. Find out more avout our landlord services here.


Clear communication is so important between tenants and landlords.

The tenant needs to feel that their issues are listened to and actioned and the landlord needs to know what problems are occurring as soon as possible, to avoid them becoming major and costly.

As a rental and property management agency, we are constantly improving the ways that tenants can report any issues they have and have them resolved. Lots of these issues may seem small, but they can be hugely important to the individual or family living in the property. We use technology to manage this reporting as well as our own efficient processes to communicate back to the tenants on behalf of the landlord on how the issue will be rectified.

Respect and Understanding

Tenants are important customers and need to be viewed as such. Their business needs to be appreciated, even in times when demand exceeds supply like now.

The Landlord has worked hard to provide accommodation. In many cases, she or he may have a weighty mortgage that needs to be paid on the property and is working in high pressured employment too.  As a letting and property management agency for over 21 years, respect for both parties has been ingrained in our company culture.

Contrary to what some might portray, most tenants and landlords or their agents, get on very well with both achieving what they need to out of the relationship. We are happy to be able to help make this happen.

If you would like to talk to us about managing your rental property, please call us on 051 85 81 82 .

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