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Property Q and A – October 2021

Auctioneer Maria Clifford gives her expert knowledge on some property-related questions in our latest Property Q and A blog…

Landlord Property Question:

Dear Liberty Blue,

One of my tenants is complaining of noise late at night made by one of the other tenants in the building, upstairs. This is a teenage girl who has taken up the drums. In fairness, the noise is only going on until 8 or 9 pm but still, this downstairs tenant is fed up with it because it is going on every evening for about an hour.

Any suggestions? All has been peaceful between these two apartments until now!

Maria’s Answer:

Oh dear, it sounds like your tenant is at their wits’ end.

Many people seem to think that they need to reduce noise after 9 pm. However, our view is that banging drums in an apartment block could be seen as excessive noise – no matter what time of day it is.

The neighbouring tenant may not be aware of the impact her drumming practise is having on the neighbours though.

We would suggest that you speak to the agent who manages the block. They would have contact information for all landlords and they should be able to put forward your concerns about excessive noise. 

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


Seller’s Property Question:

Dear Liberty Blue,

Very sadly I lost my mother in the last few months. She was a great age and left me a 3 bedroom home in the town.  I am very happy with my own home and have no intention of moving so want to either sell this other property or rent it out – what do you think is best to do in the current marketplace? Which do you think will give the best return?

Part of me would like to keep some kind of connection with the family home but I am wary of creating hassle for myself down the line too.

Maria’s Answer:

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother and many people do consider keeping the family home for that sense of connection.

There is a very high demand for rental properties at the moment, so renting out should be given serious consideration.

If you do decide to rent it, my advice would be to take a long-term view.

I would also advise you to work with an estate agent with plenty of lettings and property management experience. They can advise you of what needs to be done with the property to bring it up to the required standards for renting. They can also help to source good tenants and manage the collection of rents, maintenance issues and more.

Selling is an attractive option as the market is so strong at present. Perhaps start with a valuation from a local auctioneer to see where you stand and go from there.

It’s important to note that a property requires ongoing care, maintenance, and money even if it’s left vacant.

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