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Quick Tips for Tidying Up before House Viewings

As the old saying goes, first impressions count. And when it comes to showing off your property, the way it looks will go a long way to impress potential buyers.

If your property is on the market, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of panic when your agent calls to tell you there’s a viewing scheduled. Not because you don’t want to sell it, but because you know you left your underwear on the bathroom floor and your sink is full of last night’s dishes.

This three-minute read is the ultimate lazy guide to sprucing up your home before house viewings take place.


If you’ve got a driveway or porch area, give it a quick sweep, getting rid of any leaves or rubbish. Make sure your bins are stored away neatly and aren’t overflowing.

In the hallway area, hang up any coats, put pairs of shoes together and preferably on a shoe shelf. Wellies or trainers covered in mud should be hidden out of sight.

Lounge loving

If you’ve got a busy home bursting with kids, putting/hiding toys in storage boxes or baskets can restore some order. Plumping the sofa cushions, draping a cosy blanket over an armchair, and placing the remote controls by the TV (instead of on the floor where your toddler left them) all help a room look lived-in but ordered.

Tip: Pets smell. Maybe not to you, but to people viewing your property (especially non-pet owners) the smell of wet dog or kitty litter trays can be very off-putting. Keep this in mind and deodorise the dog bed, hide the litter tray and give the hamster cage a clean.

Kitchen quickies

Often the busiest and potentially smelliest room in the house, a quick once-over can go a long way. Overflowing sinks look untidy and can be a bit stinky, so tackle the washing up or shove it all in the dishwasher out of sight. Empty the bin and quickly wipe down surfaces. No matter how nice a home looks, if buyers think it’s dirty, it may be holding you back from selling.


Beds should be made. Even if your corners aren’t perfect and the covers are a bit creased, it’s definitely better than a duvet piled up on a mattress. Shove clothes in the cupboard and keep the floor areas clear to make the room look more spacious. Also, open the curtains! This might sound obvious but who wants to look into a dark and dingy room?

Bathroom blitz

Hang up your towels, put dirty clothes in a wash basket and always, always flush your loo! Opening the window will get rid of bad smells and condensation. If you’ve got time, wash out toothpaste marks from the sink and make sure your shower curtain is pushed back neatly.

If you’re selling your home and need an agent, give Liberty Blue a call on 051 85 81 82 or set up a free valuation here. We promise to give as much notice as possible before a viewing.

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