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Thinking of selling your home?

Are you thinking of selling your home?  Check out my top questions to ask yourself. 

What type of home do you want to buy next?

When thinking of selling your home you should ask yourself, what type of home do you want to buy next? Are you looking to upsize or downsize? Where you do want to move to? My advice to you is to check out the market and know your budget.  Consider the extras outside of your home purchase, such as professional fees and any upgrading work you may need to do.   Will you need to get a mortgage to buy your new home?  Get yourself organised and start talking to your mortgage broker or bank.  The earlier you speak to them the clearer you will be about the whole process.  

How do you get the best price?

How do you get the best price for your home? You get the best price by going to market at the right price at the right time. This coupled with a very important element, that is presentation. Your home must be presented well throughout. Make sure you get the kerb appeal right. You will have more interested buyers wanting to see your home if they get a great first impression. Check out Marie Kondo on youtube or Netflix. I got some fantastic ideas from her when thinking of selling my own home.  

Should you always go with the highest valuation?

I often hear sellers asking should I go with the agent that gives me the highest valuation? Generally, sellers speak to a few agents and some, unfortunately, make the decision to hire the agent that gives the highest valuation. My advice is not to use this approach when selecting an agent. Instead, look at what other properties similar to your home sold for in your area. Make sure you advertise your home at the right price taking into consideration your agents’ research and your own of course. We all know what happens to overpriced products that sit on the supermarket shelf for too long. They go stale and the price gets knocked right down. You will find it very difficult to sell if you are overpriced in the marketplace. Another important thing to consider is the sales journey and how will this agent communicate with me during the process. You want to make sure you can work well with the agent you choose and you need to like and trust them. After all, they will be selling one of your greatest assets, your home.  

How do you go about getting a valuation done?

When selling your home, how do you go about getting a valuation done? Many agents are able to carry out a virtual valuation right now. Our clients have sent us video clips, photos and we arrange zoom or Facetime /WhatsApp calls. They give us the full tour and we gather enough information to enable us to give our clients some sound advice and a valuation opinion.

If you are thinking of selling…

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