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Tips for Buyers Looking for Their Dream Home in Waterford

In this two-minute read, we give our best recommendations on how to find your dream home in Waterford.

Searching for your next home can be an exciting process, but it can also feel daunting and even frustrating at times. Use these suggestions to ensure that when you’re house hunting in Waterford, you remain as calm as possible.

Tips for Buyers

Get your ducks in a row

There is little point in going shopping without your purse or wallet. The same thing applies to property. Before you even begin looking for a property, make sure you have spoken to an independent financial adviser first. They will help you uncover the possibilities and ensure you’re starting your search with a realistic budget in mind.

Use the internet

This is nigh on a moot point as the internet is such a ubiquitous force in all our lives nowadays. Many people begin their browsing through property portals, such as Daft and MyHome, many months before making a move. This gives you a good impression of what’s available in your price range. Try not to limit your ‘must-have’ features using the online filters. You could miss something simply because of an input error.

Speak to estate agents

The best way to find out about the best properties for you and your needs is to speak to the experts. The estate agents that cover your preferred area will hear about properties coming to the market long before paperwork, photos, videos, etc. are done and finally put online.

Also, estate agents are trained to hear the ‘needs’ in your description of your dream home. When we search for ourselves, we can struggle to find what we really need because we’re too focused on what we ‘want’.

Be patient

It can seem really tempting to go looking at properties before your house has sold, or before your inheritance has landed, or however you’re funding the purchase. This is the quickest way to heartbreak.

If you aren’t sold or able to proceed with the purchase straightaway, the seller is unlikely to take it off the market. You then will lose out to someone who was in a better position than you. Wait to view homes ‘in the flesh’ until you’re ready to buy. It saves you a lot of time and heartache.

Don’t lowball

When you find the right property and you’re in a position to make an offer, don’t start your negotiations with a low offer. It’s normal to try a ‘cheeky’ offer but if you start really low, you risk offending the sellers. Once that’s happened, people’s defences are raised and even if you offered over the asking price, they might not want to sell to you on principle.

If you really want the property, just pay the right price.

If you’re looking for your dream home in Waterford, get in touch with us on 051 85 81 82 or contact us here or via our social media channels and we can chat through your ‘must-haves’, ‘would-likes’, and the whole process.

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