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Tips to find good student accommodation in Waterford City – Expert Letting Agency Advice

It’s that time of year, the leaving certificate is in full flow and soon students will need suitable accommodation situated close to their selected courses. So what should you do and what should you look out for when selecting student accommodation?

Get in early; there’s a limited amount of student accommodation available in Waterford and as the popular saying goes ‘the early bird catches the worm’. The sooner you apply the more likely you are to secure good quality accommodation, before its all booked up. Railway Square, Waterford’s premium student accommodation is charged at €80 per student per room and is usually full in early June. This complex has a large amount of students who return year after year throughout their time in college and its location is ideal for the College street campus.

Price isn’t everything; you can find some student rooms for a little as €50 -€55 per week in the Waterford market but you’ll find that there’s generally an additional price to pay, whether it be; sharing a 6 bedroom house with limited toilet facilities with 5 other students from all different walks of life, poor furnishings, indifferent landlords or cold older houses. However if you are working on a budget then there are still some good options out there, Aylesbury Manor in Poleberry offers as close to an ‘all in cost’ as you’ll find on the student market. Coming in at €68 a week per room including your TV Internet and refuse charges.

Which brings me to the next thing on the list to consider; make sure you consider all costs that are involved (not just the advertised rental price), some houses closer to the college due to their age will be more difficult to heat, some landlords include refuse, some complexes charge for parking, Internet and of course depending on the location travel costs should also be included in your estimated total weekly spend.

Location, location, location; after a long day in college a wait in the rain and a long bus ride is never top of your most wanted list. Selecting a property within a short walk of your campus will enhance your quality of life, once it’s up to scratch that is. If you are attending the WIT Cork road campus then Templars Hall provides modern style homes on the college’s doorstep from €65 per week for a single room to €75 for a double, although bills will be additional to this.

Word of mouth; this can never be underestimated, you should ask the advice of those who’ve lived there before. They are best equipped to give you the pro’s and cons.

It’s also prudent to ask a reliable agency, they should have a selection of property available and be able to advise which best suits your needs. By dealing with an agency you should also have an additional level of security to fall back on should issues arise in the future. A good agent will have the resources and tradespeople on call to be able to look after any issues that arise within your apartment where as this mightn’t be the same with an individual landlord. In an ideal situation your agent should be the managing agent of the complex too, this would allow them to resolve issues with neighbours and security etc in a much more efficient way.

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