Waterford Leads Irish Cities in Good Value on Rents

Why are Waterford’s rents still such good value?

Daft.ie released their quarterly rent report for Q3 2018 with some surprising findings.  national rents at an all time highThe report shows that rents rose nationwide by an average of 11.3% in the year to September 2018.

This represents the tenth consecutive quarter in which a new all-time high for rents has been set and also in which annual inflation in rents has been greater than 10%.

Waterford City, when compared to the other cities mentioned in the report, has a lower average rent, adding to the list of benefits of living here.

Average rents, and year-on-year change, Q3 2018

  • Dublin: €1,968, up 10.9%
  • Cork: €1,301, up 13.7%
  • Galway: €1,226, up 16.1%
  • Limerick: €1,151, up 20.3%
  • Waterford: €955, up 19.7%

The national average rent is €1,334 and the average rent in Waterford City is €955. Dublin’s average rent is a whopping €1,968, Cork’s is €1,301, Limerick’s is €1,151.

Waterford’s year on year increase is higher as it is coming from a much lower base than the other cities, but still, it remains the best value.

The Daft report has lots more information here.

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