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staging your home

thinking of selling your home? Maria Clifford Liberty Blue auctioneers

Thinking of selling your home? 52 views

Thinking of selling your home? Check out my top questions to ask yourself.

Maria Clifford has some fantastic advice to share this week about the questions you should ask yourself if you are considering putting your home on the market.

Marie Kondo De cluttering your home

A Tidy Way to Help Sell Your Home 137 views

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet? I’ve just seen one episode and I’m so inspired! She has… Read More

Changing Demands of House Buyers – Expert Estate Agent Advice 78 views

What are buyers looking for nowadays when considering a new home? Research carried out in the UK by GoCompare.com on… Read More

Smell well to Sell well

Smell Well to Sell Well! 103 views

Regina Mangan, Liberty Blue Estate Agents Waterford, gives expert advice on why your home should ‘Smell Well to Sell Well’.… Read More

Importance of presentation liberty blue estate agents property advice

First Impressions Count – Expert Tips on Selling your Home 99 views

First Impressions Count When selling your home it’s essential to create a great first impression, buyers decide if a home… Read More

Waterford Business Expo 2016 80 views

The Liberty Blue sales team attended the Waterford Business Expo at Tom Murphy Car showrooms and discussed the importance of… Read More

how to speed up your waterford house sale

How to speed up selling your home – Expert Estate Agent Advice 110 views

While we all have personal tastes these tastes may not appeal to everyone. To sell your home you should neutralise the decor, flowery or pink feature walls may look great to you but they may be an issue to potential buyers. Those out viewing properties may not be able to visualise the house the way they would like it….

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